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The Best Upgrade For Your Vehicle

Five canopy trim levels 
Over 30 accessories

12 year warranty
Over 10 years of testing
3000kg static capacity

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Canopy & Loadslider Combos

Tents & Awnings




Extreme testing by one family
in 19 countries


We manufacture a wide range of aluminium canopies and accessories for most makes of vehicles. All of our aluminium canopies are made from custom designed 6063T6 aluminium extrusions. Our canopy doors and roof are made from CNC laser cut and bent aluminium sheet. Small brackets and components are made from 304 stainless steel which is then powder coated black. Every canopy and accessory we make is tested on our own vehicle or with the help of our customers and dealers. All canopies come with a 12 year frame warranty.

Some of our popular packages


Every canopy in our comprehensive range is made entirely from aluminium. All panels, i.e roof and doors, are also made entirely from aluminium. Lock brackets, mounting brackets and gas strut brackets are made from 304 powder coated stainless steel. We also offer a wide range of accessories which are made from either aluminium sheet, aluminium extrusions/profiles or 304 stainless steel. We use 304 stainless steel on our smaller brackets instead of the common C3R12 as 304 stainless is a far better grade and a lot more rust resistant. By using aluminium our canopies average weight for a double cab is only 50kg, far lighter than stainless steel or fibreglass. The framework design of our canopies also means that the overall strength is far greater than that of a stainless steel or fibreglass canopy.

If you have any technical questions about our manufacturing process and the steps that we take to ensure that every one of our customers receives one of the best canopies on the market, click here to send us an email. Feel free to visit our factory where we will gladly give you a tour of our manufacturing process.

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